jess prusa

i’m intersted in language and (f)using different mediums to create new forms

i’m sensitive to technology’s influence on the way we communicate
my recent work is concerned with expanding modes of expression

right now, that manifests as work involving the body ; 
forms to help us recover from the progressively seperatist, alienated
and dissociative ways we’ve adopted to relate to one another

   practice:     associating  >  relating  >  connecting  > world building  >  new language


57 Thames: Pilgrims Progress
Brooklyn 5/2018

Gallery Sensei
NYC 1/2015

310 Bleeker: Mural
Brooklyn 7/2015

Con Artist : OOthebox
NYC 1/2014

CultureFix: Nude SP
NYC 9/2014

Brooklyn Fireproof: made in america
Brooklyn 8/2013

Taller Monart
Barcelona 7/2012


they press

Embodied Voices
Poetry Collection

Ginger Magazine
7/ 2015

Cine Women
2/ 2015

IRL bushwick tractor series

Throop reading series: poetry marathon
Brooklyn 4/2018

King’s Leap: Universal Dredgings
Brooklyn 3/2018

Poetry Project: Embodying voice on page & performance
NYC 2/18

FAWC: summer ws series
Provincetown 8/17

Silent Barn: Spring
Brooklyn 4/14

Art Director’s Club
Honesty & Internet
NYC 11/1